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    Food Safety and Quality

    Food Safety and Quality

    At TM FRESH, we believe that maintaining healthy and long-term relationship with our customers is highly depending on high quality products and service. The Company is committed to enhance the reputation of the brands it supplies and maintain customer confidence through the implementation of food safety and quality check. The following is the food safety and quality principles followed by The Company:
    Meet all statutory and regulatory requirements for food safety and quality.
    Carry out internal and external audit processes by our suppliers and customers.
    Continually review food safety practices and procedures to effectively manage food safety risks.
    Build food safety and quality capability through the development of technical skill, awareness, and risk management skill among the employees and executives.
    Communicate food safety requirements to customers and contractors through pre-sales education and effective communication continually.
    Besides, to accommodate all customers with different religion, our products are all Halal friendly. We are also working towards on getting a Halal certificates for The Company.
    Health and Safety

    Health and Safety

    TM FRESH is committed to maintain zero harm in our workplace by:

    Providing a healthy and safe workplace for all employees and visitors.
    Follow all SOPs provided by the government during this pandemic period to help curb the spread of the virus including wearing mask at all time and practice social distancing.

    Pursuing continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.


    TM Fresh is equipped with four freezers and three chillers to ensure our products are always in good condition and quality. Our newly built warehouse is around 682.25m2, with a 190m2 freezer and 87m2 chiller. Increase our storage capacity and allow us to install a new racking system to carry out First In First Out (FIFO) practice efficiently.
    TM Fresh often collaborates with our partners to organize marketing activities in the built in demo kitchen in our business office. Provide adequate space for our sales and business development team and our customers for idea introduction and exchange.
    Marketing Activities
    TM Fresh owns six refrigerated lorries, and two TOYOTA battery forklifts to assist in logistics and operation planning.